Our programs are designed keeping in mind the need of the beneficiaries as well as the manufacturing sector. As our programs cover the full spectrum of vocational training including Mobilization, Training, Placement and Hand-holding, all internally, the impact that we create is stronger and propels the beneficiaries out of poverty in many cases. This has traditionally been a gap area and our work is a testament that a single implementer can create a successful vocational training and placement program. All our programs are in line with Sustainable Development Goals 1, 5, 8 and 10 and also with Schedule 7 under the Companies Act. 

The flagship program of Abhinav Social Trust is being delivered in both residential and non-residential formats across our locations. Young people are identified and enrolled from communities, colleges and ITIs. These young people then go through a 30-day training in skills suitable for the manufacturing sector at our modern training centre. We have a great deal of success in mobilising and placing these young people as our program employs a 360-degree approach and covers all aspects of the skill training ladder.

Our main courses like CNC Operator’s Course and Multi-skilled maintenance technician’s course are in demand in the manufacturing sector across the country. All our alumni have been placed in jobs and many have gone on to scale great heights in the last few years.


  • More than 10,000 young people mobilised.
  • Trained more than 400 young people under Abhinav’s implementation.
  • Placement rate of 100%
  • Average Salary post placement of INR 15,000
  • Handholding of six months with an option of refreshers.

Many of our beneficiaries in the flagship program have been women. While there exists a gap in the number of women who work in the manufacturing sector compared to men, we are attempting to close this with our Women Empowerment Program. Under this intervention, we run all-women batches and train them not just in the core skills useful for the manufacturing sector, but also in critical skills. We share critical information related to rights, health and hygiene and financial literacy with all the beneficiaries under this intervention.


  • All women batches.
  • Critical inputs apart from core skills.
  • Placement rate of 100%.
  • Average Salary post placement of INR 15,000.
  • Handholding of six months with options of a refresher.

With the twin idea of enabling young people to experience the services of the trust and to win their confidence while also giving them exposure to critical information, Abhinav Social Trust plans to start weekend information sessions for young people in the vicinity of our operational area in Hyderabad. These sessions, which will be conducted for 2-3 hours every weekend for a batch of 35 young people each will focus on providing information that will enable young people to choose a career path as well as inculcate in them the understanding of critical life skills like financial literacy.

These sessions will also serve as the first look for many young people who may have never received social inputs of any kind. Every week 4 batches of young people will undergo these sessions along with a tour of our training facility which can open more opportunities for them. The weekend programme will therefore bolster the efforts of mobilising young people and will prepare them for a career in the core sectors like manufacturing.

Topics covered in the sessions:

  • Career Path
  • Options after 12th
  • Available work opportunities
  • Need for skilling
  • Tips on Resume making
  • Interview Tips
  • Financial Literacy